Community Rules

Friends, the main purpose of the festival is for everyone to have as much of a good time as possible. Naturally, we all have our own definition of what is the good times. In order for our community to co-exist, we must remind you that "Echo" is a rock 
festival and we all must follow by certain principles to ensure that the festival matches its theme. The rules are few and if this is the right festival for you, then they should not bother you at all. 
  1. Live Music Only for the duration of the festival. Please don't bring your boom boxes and fancy bluetooth speakers and don't upgrade your car sterio system. Instead, please bring your guitars, tamtams, hurdy-gurdies, etc.  
  2. Percussion not in quiet area. You are welcome to bring your tamtams, bongas, and other small percussion instruments and play all night long. In order to free you from unpleasant conversations with neighbors who crawl out of their tents to hit you over the head with your own percussion instrument, we designated a quiet area on the campground. If you are staying in that quiet area please avoid playing on percussions at night.
  3. Bring powered musical instruments. If an acoustic guitar is not good enough for you, you are welcome to bring your electric / bass / keyboard /etc. However, please tune the volume of your instruments so that only YOUR site can hear it. No need to turn up the volume so the whole campground can hear you... especially at night!
  4. Clean up after yourself. By buying your ticket, you promise to clean up your campsite before departure. Neversink River Resort is a beautiful place. Lets keep it this way!
  5. Dogs and other pets. The festival is a wonderful place to bring your four-legged family members. We like dogs!  Basic rules remain the same: (1) your pet must be on a leash, (2) you must pick up after your pet, (3) the campground owners require you to have a proof of vaccinations, (4) aggressive dogs are not allowed on the premises (if your dog likes to bark or launch at people, please keep it home or you may be asked to take it home during the festival). Please note, you bring your pets to the festival at your own risk. Echo Inc. and its representatives carry no responsibility for the well bing of your pets.
  6. Party at your own risk. For the price of the ticket, you are granted entry to the campground at your own risk. If you decide to drown or drop a tree on your head - please don't blame the organizers. For those who want to see the fine print, here you go: The "Echo" Festival is provided on an "As Is" basis, at your own risk. By buying the ticket(s), you agree to indemnify and hold Echo, Inc. and its representatives harmless from any claim or demand. Under no circumstances will the organizers be liable in any way for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of attending said event. 
  7. Please follow the rules or else. Organizers of the festival "Echo", acting through any of their representatives, have the full right to bar admission or expell any ticket holder from the festival. Anyone who violates festival rules will forefit the value of their ticket. 

Email: [email protected]