October 23 - October 25, 2020

Rock music, concerts, campfires, games, events for children...
Build YOUR Echo! 

What is ECHO?

  1. ROCK MUSIC FESTIVAL - Echo is a festival to celebrate rock music originating from the countries of the Former Soviet Union.
  2. COMMUNITY - Echo brings together old friends and new ones. Echo-goers come from all over the east coast and as far as west-coast and the "old countries". Kids, teenagers, young professionals, and entire families build their Echo experince together.
  3. CAMP LIFE - Echo is a place to get to gether with friends to enjoy singing around campfire, eat good food, play games, and compete in events.

Its a place to hear good music from local and far-away bands, camp with friends, eat good food, play games, compete in events, and let go of the city hustle and bustle in the pristine nature of the up-state New York campground.


Starts in...


The event calendar changes as we get closer to the festival and more events are added  Stay tuned...


There are events for all ages happening at Echo.  Discover your Echo...


Every community has standards. Learn how to be a part of the Echo...


Adult - Tickets 1-100$60SOLD OUT
Adult - Tickets 101-200$80SOLD OUT
Adult - Through January 15$85SOLD OUT
Adult - Through April 30$90SOLD OUT
Adult - Through October 22nd $100ORDER NOW
Adult - on October 23$120COMING October 23, 2020
Child  (for children under 13 years old)
High School Student$50ORDER NOW
College Student  (For students 25 years old or younger With valid Student ID. 
No ID pays the full price @ door)
High School and College Student @ the door$60COMING October 23, 2020

Deerpark KOA
108 Guymard Turnpike
Cuddebackville, NY 12729


Email: [email protected]