What to do at the Echo Festival?

Besides hours and hours of music, you can also treat yourself to Active, Intellectual, and Spiritual expereinces. 

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When: Friday & Saturday
Where: Main Field

Its an opportunity to test yourself and your friends. The games will go through two stages. On Friday and Satruday mornings, everybody is welcome to try their skill on the games (Human Soccer, Human Foosball, and more), and build their teams. On Saturday afternoon, the formed teams are welcome to take on the Mighty security team. Stay tuned!


When: Saturday TBD
Where: TBD

Get together with fellow die-hard fans to watch the big game on the big screen!  Details:


When: Satruday TBD
Where: Field C

Pich-mati Under the cunny guidance of the master-Sakirich, two teams will face-off for the honor of holding title of the Olympian champions


When: Sat. at 9:30 am
Where: Campground Entrance

Run, Echo, Run!  Fans of healthy lifestyle can join in the 2nd annual morning Echo maraphon. Say no to responsibility. Run away from clean up your camp site. Join us to, well..., run!

We will meet at the entrance to the campground at 9:30 am on Saturday in your best running gear. We'll run to the late (minimum program) or to the railroad (max of our abilities) and turn back. You are welcome to rinse and repeat afterwards! 

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When: Sat @ 11:15am 
Where: Field C

We will complete a Slavic health fitness routine "Tradition".

Its a combination of excercises that increase body's energy-level potential. Daily repetition of these simple activities will help you stay toned all day.

​Ежедневное выполнение несложных упражнений позволяет находиться в тонусе целый день. 


When: Saturday and Sunday at 10:30am
Where: TBD

Yoga is a great way to warm up, tone up, and charge up for the day! Join us regardless of your prior exprience, shape, or form. Everybody is welcome!

Put on comfortable clothing, grab a yoga mat or a large towel, and a bottle of water. Please avoid eating too much just before the excercise and try to be as sober as you can.

Если есть вопросы – не стесняйтесь и спрашивайте здесь или пишите Irina Cooper в личку. 


When:  Any Time
Where: Field C

Kusudama Oasis с Dmitriy Kusudama-Master

Do you want to discuss or simply chat about higher plain themes and topics? Want to learn about Sacral Geometry? Need an energy boosting session to ballance your chakras?  You are welcome to the Kusudama Oasis Tent!

Check what we have here:  Chakra Shower Healing Sessions, Personal Kusudamas, KusudamART Project, "Hug from the Heart" – 2 min. workshop, Unconditional LOVE BlessingMoney Flow Activation with 64 Tetrahedron Grid, Sacred Meditation Place.


When:  Saturday
Where: Field C

Master class with Dina Ostrovsky: "Setting goals and finding resources. Shaman's journey and building of the magic Mandala".  Stay Tuned!

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Deerpark KOA
108 Guymard Turnpike
Cuddebackville, NY 12729


Email: [email protected]